Immigration to bulgari


Immigration to Bulgari

How is life in Bulgaria



their official language is Bulgarian, and English is most common foreign language that people knows in Bulgaria (25%) followed by Russian (23%), and German (8%).



The climate is generally continental in Bulgaria.

From April climate is mild or warm in a more stable way and the average temperature is 10C.

the summers are warm or even hot, also the average temperature in summer is 30-32C but it can be increase in hot days to 40C.

Through the autumn the weather is mild and pleasant, with rare rains and the average temperature during autumn is 11-19C.

The winters are cold with cloudy skies and light snowfalls, average of temperature in winter is 1-3C.


Types of visa in bulgaria


Residence Permit

All foreign nationals who would like to obtain Bulgarian residence must first apply for a long-term D-visa in the nearest Bulgarian embassy or general consulate. There are some primary instances for which a D-visa is granted:

  • Registration of a Trade Representative Office of a foreign company in Bulgaria
  • Registration of a Bulgarian limited company employing at least 10 local citizens for no fewer than 6 months
  • Investment in real-estate property – 312,000 €,You may learn more how to buy a real-estate in Bulgaria
  • Non-EU citizens who are pensioners and have sufficient funds & accommodation to support their stay in Bulgaria
  • Family reunification in Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian residence for European citizens
  • Bulgarian passport by investment

Our experience shows that the most convenient and affordable way for a foreign national to obtain a Bulgarian D-visa and Bulgarian residence permit is by way of registering a foreign company’s trade representative office in Bulgaria.


Benefits of Bulgarian temporary residence permit

If you have residence permit you receive a Bulgarian ID card for foreigners that allows multiple entries and stay in Bulgaria.Holders of a Bulgarian residence permit can stay legally in Romania, Croatia and Cyprus for 90 days in any 180 days period visa free. Your Bulgarian residency card is valid for 5 years after that you should renew it. After 5 years, you are also eligible to apply for a Bulgarian permanent residence permit.

Foreign nationals who hold Bulgarian permanent residence and reside in Bulgaria for 183 days annually in any 60 months period can apply for a Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization.

You may apply for family reunification in Bulgaria.

You enjoy a relaxed visa application process among Schengen Area countries.

The Bulgarian Permanent Residence and Fast Track Citizenship Programs have been established to allow applicants a relatively swift process for attaining Permanent Residency and Citizenship, with two options: A Financing Option and/or a Real Estate Option.


Permanent Residence and Fast Track Citizenship Program

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program have been established to allow applicants a relatively swift process for attaining Permanent Residency and Citizenship and now has two investment options to choose from for obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) and Fast Track Citizenship (FTC).

Once the initial application and Investment is approved, Permanent Residency is granted. An applicant’s spouse or dependents can be included in the application for a supplemental investment amount.


Permanent Residency (PR)

First, applicants must choose either the Financing Option (€190,000), or the Real Estate Option (€288,000) to kick-start the PR Process. After 1 year of permanent residency, the applicant can once again choose a second investment of either a Financing Option (€160,000), or a Real Estate Option (€278,000) for the FTC process.

Citizenship can then be granted within around six to twelve months. So, within two years from the start of the application, you can potentially receive your Bulgarian passport, bringing access to 153 countries visa-free or with visa-on-arrival around the world.


Fast Track Citizenship (FTC)

A Supplemental Offering (€110,000 Financing Option, or €260,000 Real Estate Option) allows a spouse or non-dependent child to apply for FTC at the same time as the main applicant.


Mix and match application

This allows applicants to ‘mix and match’ the two options, so for example, one can choose the Real Estate Option for the PR process, followed by the Financing Option for the FTC process.


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Cost of living in Bulgaria

Housing and utilities costs:

Compared with the rest of the EU, accommodation in Bulgaria is relatively cheap, It will cost for you 460€ per month for a 85 square meter furnished accommodation in EXPENSIVE normal area it will be coast 310€

Also, budget you need for utilities is around €78 per month.


Food costs:

The average costs that you should pay every month for foods and groceries is €30-40.

Dinning out in Bulgaria in a restaurant for lunch costs between €7 and €11 per person.


Transportation costs:

For monthly ticket public transport price is 26€

and for taxi tariffs is around €4 for 8km.

Why you will like to live in Bulgaria?

  • Great climate
  • Beautiful beaches
  • breathtaking countryside
  • relaxed lifestyle
  • friendly people who welcome foreigners
  • cheap prices
  • stable economy
  • increasing employment opportunities


How long does the company registration in France take?

There isn’t a standard timeframe for the registration process of a company.

Is it hard to open a company in France as a foreigner?

There are no specific requirements related to the nationality or residency of company directors in France.

Can I open a bank account remotely for my company in France?

The bank opening process in France requires the presence of a company representative, so your presence will be required.

Can I benefit from France’s double tax agreements in order to reduce my taxes?

You can benefit from these agreements as long as France has signed such a treaty with your home country; however, France offers many tax deductions and exemptions to foreign investors.

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