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Immigration to Germany

How is life in Germany

Moving to Germany means getting the chance to live in one of the most organized and progressive countries on Earth, where you can enjoy a high standard of living. As with anywhere, however, there are always a few pieces of advice that can make things much easier when you’re first settling in.



German festivals and events are plentiful that peoples love the festivals.

One the famous and traditional festivals is Oktoberfest. It is held over two weeks with a lot of drinks and traditional German clothes, in Munich.

Also, many other festivals that holds in this country and makes a lot of fun for you in Germany.



their official language is German but as a foreign language English is spoken widely and most people can speak English in this country.



The climate is moderately continental in most of Germany.

during March climate is quite cold and shifty and real spring begins in April but best whether is in May.

The summers are warm, it has some rain in Jun, and also the average temperature is 25C.

Through the autumn the weather is a little cold and starts heavy rains, autumn is the rainiest season in Germany and the average temperature during autumn is 17-18C.


The winters are green and windy, this season is the coldest one and average of temperature in winter is -3C.


10 reason why you will love to immigrate to Germany

  1. Low costs of living
  2. English is widely spoken
  3. One of the best economies in the world
  4. Awesome people
  5. Easy to get job
  6. Free education
  7. Cheap and great foods
  8. Safe cities
  9. Hold great festivals
  10. Best country in the Europe


Cost of living in Germany


Compared to some other European countries, Germany is not very expensive.



Housing and utilities costs


In general housing costs in Germany are high and It is influenced by the city you want to live in and the type of property you choose. It will cost for you 800-1500€ per month for a 120 square meter apartment.

Also, budget you need for utilities is around €95–€120 per month.


Food costs

The average costs that you should pay every week for foods and groceries is €40–€50 per person.

Dinning out in Germany in average restaurant for lunch costs between €5 and €11 but for evening meal is between €10 to €20 per person.for some drink or beer you should add 10€.



Healthcare costs

The cost of health insurance for expats starts at around €80 per month that it is depended on age, cover and company that you use for that. But for professionals’ cost of that is around €160–€400.


Transportation costs

Public transport in Germany has high standard and reasonably priced.

Prices range from €60–€90 per month and for taxi tariffs start at around €3.20–€3.60 but both ranges of costs are influenced by the city you live in.

Owning a car in Germany is expensive because of fuel costs and also taxes


In Germany, entrepreneurs find a large market with wealthy customers, eager to try out different and new products and services. This, along with superb infrastructure and a great number of other reasons, is what leads many start-ups and branches of existing businesses to Germany.


Investing in Germany or developing a new business venture for the German market is a huge business opportunity. Political stability and a sound legal system are other building blocks for high confidence in starting a business in Germany, working self-employed, or extending your existing business into Germany.




A major role in German immigration is played by employees who come to the country to work. Skilled labor is highly sought after, since Germany has many highly specialized businesses but a shortage of skilled, young workers, as the population is growing older on average.


But to receive a work visa, employees need to prove that they’re an asset to German companies and possess skills for positions that can’t be filled by German nationals. With the right qualifications, candidates have very good prospects when they apply for a work visa.


We can assists you with the legal requirements and obtaining the necessary documents and permits. Timely and straightforward communication with the authorities as well as other local contacts is key, and our team is specialized in this field.


In addition to the regular work visa, you can also expect our highly specialized legal team to assist you with:


  • Freelance visa
  • Artist Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Job seeker Visa
  • General questions about employment based immigration to Germany





Once a foreign citizen has legally cleared the hurdles of his or her residence status, there’s a possibility to bring their immediate family over as well. For this purpose, the German law provides a family reunification visa. Family reunion is a way for husband, wife and children to all live together with a dependable immigration status and without worries about the duration of their stay. That way, they don’t have the 90-day-limitation of a regular tourist visa.


Joining your partner in Germany has fewer requirements than other types of visa, because your spouse has already obtained his or her own visa. Our team will help you in applying for the family reunion visa and make sure all the necessary documents are in place.




Many clients ask for the “Blue Card EU”, because of its recognizable name and the similarities to the American “Green Card”. The European Blue Card is one more way of being legally allowed to live and work in the European Union. It is mostly intended for highly skilled and trained individuals who meet certain criteria regarding their education and income levels, such as doctors, engineers or IT specialists.


The Blue Card EU offers many perks for immigrants and their families. A Blue Card holder will quickly gain the right to stay in Germany for an indefinite period of time.


If you are interested in applying for a Blue Card EU, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can advise you how to get the process started and even get you in touch with interested employers.


Planning to come and work in Germany, or to join your spouse or your family? Or would you like to study at a German University? We inform you about various possibilities and individual requirements for living and working in Germany. You can also find out about the right to asylum.


Our business set up services include company formation and registration services, taxation, accounting & bookkeeping, audit and assurance, legal (Includes Intellectual property law) and branding consultation.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we have an experienced team of professionals, specialized in advising the right kind of business setup considering the need. Our consultants design specific services which help business owners to start a business in a cost effective manner in your desired location.


How long does the company registration in France take?

There isn’t a standard timeframe for the registration process of a company.

Is it hard to open a company in France as a foreigner?

There are no specific requirements related to the nationality or residency of company directors in France.

Can I open a bank account remotely for my company in France?

The bank opening process in France requires the presence of a company representative, so your presence will be required.

Can I benefit from France’s double tax agreements in order to reduce my taxes?

You can benefit from these agreements as long as France has signed such a treaty with your home country; however, France offers many tax deductions and exemptions to foreign investors.

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