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Want to start a business in the United States?

For register a company in USA,  you do not need to be a US citizen, or a US company.

Foreign citizens and foreign companies can form an LLC in the USA too.

This process has ten simple steps :

  1. Select your location, which state do you want to start a business in.
  2. Name of your company
  3. Hire a authentic registered agent service
  4. We file your LLC with the State that you choose
  5. If applicable, create an LLC Operating Agreement
  6. Get an EIN
  7. If necessary, get a US Mailing Address
  8. Open a US Bank Account
  9. Research what your tax liability is going to be and pay annual fees and any other required fees.
  10. Make sure you’re in compliance with any city, county, state, and federal requirements.

Offshore company

Operating through an offshore company allows you to conduct your business, bank transactions or personal financial benefits with maximum tax efficiently and a level of privacy and anonymity. Placing assets into an offshore company and combine legal structure provides a strong layer of safekeeping from future liabilities.

Each company creation is individual and we are here to ease this process and help you make an intelligent and adjusted choice. Our objective is to support you on each of the above steps, to accomplish your needs.


Shelf company

A shelf company is a company that is registered ,but has never traded or conducted business and holds no assets ,the company is registered and waiting for a someone to buy.


Advantages of Buying a Shelf Corporation:

  1. Saving time in forming a new business.
  2. Instant access to contract and government contract because Most of the states require your company be in business in minimum length of time.
  3. Immediate credibility and an appearance of corporate history.
  4. More attractive to potential investors and investment capital.
  5. Faster and easier access to banking relationships and business lines of credit.
  6. Ready for immediate transfer as no stock are currently issued


You can choose to reserve one for a maximum of two days before it is made available again. To buy an off the shelf company, please contact us.


Our business set up services include investment, company formation and registration services, taxation, accounting & bookkeeping, audit , assurance, legal (Includes Intellectual property law) and branding consultation and  also services for immigration. You will have all information that needs in this way.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we have an experienced team of professionals, specialized in advising the right kind of business setup considering the need. Our consultants design specific services which help business owners to start a business in a cost effective manner in your desired location.our consultants in worldwide at your service to guide you.

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    How long does the company registration in France take?

    There isn’t a standard timeframe for the registration process of a company.

    Is it hard to open a company in France as a foreigner?

    There are no specific requirements related to the nationality or residency of company directors in France.

    Can I open a bank account remotely for my company in France?

    The bank opening process in France requires the presence of a company representative, so your presence will be required.

    Can I benefit from France’s double tax agreements in order to reduce my taxes?

    You can benefit from these agreements as long as France has signed such a treaty with your home country; however, France offers many tax deductions and exemptions to foreign investors.

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